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Faulty Step Injury Cases

Injured due to damaged steps or stairs? Watch this video to find out what’s important to know about faulty step injury cases in Oklahoma.

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Do I have a claim if I was injured from a faulty step?


If you have a slip and fall case and you think it might be faulty steps, to determine whether or not you have a claim, you need to have an expert or somebody who understands construction help you. They should know what the appropriate codes are, how long the steps should be, what the elevation is, how wide they should be, or if they have the right slip-proof covering. To find those is difficult.Faulty Step Injury CasesHowever, if you hire an attorney early on, they have access to these kind of experts and they can hire experts to look at this case and determine if you have a claim for faulty or inadequately constructed steps. What you don’t want to do is just assume that you can’t, and do nothing, and then you’re in trouble because the evidence might not be preserved, you might not be able to find the witnesses, and then you have no claim at all.

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