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How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall Claims

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How do warning signs impact my slip and fall claim?


One of the questions that comes up regularly is, “I slipped and fell, but there was a warning sign that said it was slippery. How does that impact the claim for personal injury?” Well, it definitely is something to think about. You have to take pictures of where it was. Was it in a good location? Was it properly located? Could you see it from the traffic direction you were coming from? Was it hidden? These are all factors you have to consider. Just because there’s a warning sign, doesn’t mean it was effectively posted and you were able to see it.How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall Claims You need to hire an attorney because there are experts that do this for a living. They design these things; they train people on how to put up these warning signs. If the warning sign wasn’t put up properly and it was obscured in any way, that is not a bar for your recovery. I would suggest that if you have a situation like this, after you go see the doctor and follow his counsel, you hire an attorney immediately to investigate this case and get their professionals to look at the dynamics and the factual pattern of this, and make a determination for you.

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