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Lost Wage Reimbursement

Seriously injured in a car accident? Watch this video to learn about lost wage reimbursement and how you can be compensated for lost time at work.
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Will I be reimbursed for my lost wages after a car accident?


Lost wages are something that people ask me about the very first time they see me. Most people who work every day, get paid by the hour, their paycheck is important to them. If you’re injured and you can’t work for two weeks, and then you have to go to a doctor, and you miss a half a day of work every week, it adds up quickly. What we do is we keep track of your hours that you are out of the office, and the time you take off to go to the doctor, and the mileage on your car that it takes to go to the doctor. You Just need to keep track of all your hours, and then we will multiply that by your wage and we’ll make that as one of your claims. I do not believe that will be taxable when you get your settlement.Lost Wage ReimbursementIt’s pretty simple if you’re a wage-earner; it’s a little more difficult if you’re self-employed. You need to keep track of jobs you lost or opportunities you missed because you were unable to give estimates or go bid on a job. If you had to hire someone to do your work while you were gone, you can be reimbursed for the amount of money it took to pay someone to finish your jobs that you had.

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