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Car Accident Medical Bills

Unsure who will pay your car accident medical bills after a serious crash? Watch this video to learn our Stillwater Injury Attorney can help.
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Who will pay for my medical bills after a car accident?


If you are in a wreck and you are not at fault, the other person who is at fault will eventually pay for your medical bills. They might not do it right away because the insurance company controls the money and when it comes to you. Do not delay going to the doctor or getting medical treatment because you don’t know who’s going to pay for it. If you contact a lawyer and talk to them about the case, they can tell you very quickly if there’s going to be medical coverage for you to seek medical treatment.Car Accident Medical BillsMany physical therapists and chiropractors will wait until the case is settled before they ask for your medical bills, so they won’t tell you every time you come in, “We can’t see you anymore until you pay.” Some doctors won’t even see you if it’s a car wreck case. If you contact an attorney, they’ll be able to direct you to physicians that will be able to work with you and get your medical bills paid when the case is settled. Please seek medical treatment as soon as you feel you need it. Symptoms take time to manifest themselves, and if you think you’re not getting better, get to a doctor immediately and contact a lawyer about helping you get your medical bills paid.

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