Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in Oklahoma? You are facing serious charges. Watch this video to see how our attorneys can protect your rights.
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What are the penalties for driving under the influence of drugs?


In Oklahoma, if you are charged with a drug DUI, more often than not, they’re going to have to take you to the hospital for a blood test. Reason being is if you blew into a breathalyzer, you wouldn’t show any alcohol because you’re on some type of controlled dangerous substance. They’ll send your information and your blood sample out to a lab. In probably two months or so, that would come back. If you showed any substances that you shouldn’t have in your system in your system, then there’s a chance you could be charged with a drug DUI.Driving Under the Influence of DrugsAfter that, it’s pretty much the same type of penalties and sentences and probation as a DUI. If it’s your first offense, it will be a one-year deferred sentence. You’ll have to do an evaluation. You’ll have to do some alcohol/substance abuse course. They’ll give you community service, and you’ll have to pay court costs and fines. It’s a serious matter. Let’s say that you have a prescription for a medication you’re on at the time. That could play a part in it. We’d have to look at the facts. It’s a case by case basis.

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