Drunk Driver Car Accidents

Were you involved in an accident while drinking and driving? Watch this video to learn about drunk driver car accidents and how you can be charged.
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What should I do if I was involved in an accident as a drunk driver?


In Oklahoma, if you’re charged with a DUI and you’ve been in a wreck, your charge depends on what the results of the wreck are. If you were driving under the influence in a wreck and you kill somebody, it could be misdemeanor manslaughter. It could be a serious case. It will change your life forever.Drunk Driver Car Accidents If there were no serious injuries, then you’ll just be charged with a DUI involved with a wreck. You’ve got to make sure that restitution is paid, but definitely, the more serious issue is if you really seriously injure somebody, the consequences are going to be serious. It probably won’t be a deferred sentence. It will probably be a battle on our hands. We might even have to consider going to trial.

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