Probable Cause

In order to be arrested for drunk driving, a police officer needs probable cause to pull you over. Watch this video by our Oklahoma DUI lawyer to learn more.
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What should I do if the police want to search my car?


In Oklahoma, officers have a right to stop you. They have a right search your car only if there’s probable cause. Probable cause is something that’s interesting. It never seems to be as simple as you think it is. You have a right to refuse them to search your car; however, they can get a warrant. You’ll sit and wait for the warrant to come.Probable CauseIf they have reasonable suspicion that you are in a drug-related event, they ask for the drug dog to come. All of the cases though need to be reviewed by an attorney. You should hire an attorney immediately if you ever have a situation where you believe there’s an illegal search or seizure. Also, you should always hire a lawyer when you have a criminal action.

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