Divorce Conduct

When two parties are separating, the divorce conduct they show can determine how the entire process will play out. Watch this video to learn more.
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How should I act during the divorce process?


When people start the journey going through divorce, the conduct of each party is really important. Poor conduct could hurt your case. Good conduct can make it a better experience for you. I know that being alone and not belonging to somebody is a strong, powerful feeling, probably the strongest I’ve ever felt. What happens when people are like that, is sometimes they make poor decisions.

They decide they want to go out and have a good time. They want to forget everything. They go out to a bar. They go out and have drinks. One thing leads to another and the weekend or the evening turns into disaster, either from a DUI or a car wreck. They get involved with someone they shouldn’t have been involved with and that creates new problems.Divorce Conduct It hurts them and their display to the judge about what kind of character and morals and values they have. My counsel to people is, when you’re going through a divorce, remember one thing; everything you do is under a microscope. Every time you do something you need to ask yourself, what will this conduct look like to a neutral third-party person? Will this help me or hurt me? If they don’t know me and if they don’t know anything else about me, what will this conduct say about me? If you have this attitude and you ask yourself that question, you can avoid a lot of the problems. A lot of times, people don’t follow our counsel. For instance, don’t bring your kids around another significant other during the divorce process. It confuses the children. Let them have a chance to mourn the loss of their family. Judges look dimly on people that do not consider their children’s feelings. If you don’t know what to do, contact your experienced divorce attorney. He can help you. We take great pride in being accessible to our clients to help them navigate through these tough and difficult decisions. If you have any doubt, don’t do it until you talk to us.

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