Social Media and Divorce

Check out this video by our experienced Stillwater divorce attorney as he discusses why social media and divorce are not a good combination.

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Why should I avoid talking about my divorce on social media?


I tell my clients every time they come in, don’t send a text message, don’t put anything on Facebook or Twitter about the divorce unless you want to see it in the courtroom. More often than not, clients will put things on Facebook and send text messages that come back to haunt them. It proves the other side’s case. My recommendation to all my clients is if you’re going through a divorce or a paternity action or a motion of modified custody, these are emotional issues. These are emotional hearings. You do not want to post anything on Facebook.Social Media and DivorceI would go Facebook silent, Twitter silent and only put things in text messages to your spouse or the other parent of your child that you absolutely have to. Do not get mad. Do not post things in haste. Do not say bad things or poor things about the other parent online in any form or fashion. It makes you look foolish, and we spend more time defending you on the things you put on Facebook and social media and text messages than we do being your champion in court. It takes a lot of self-control because this society is so much into social media, but social media only causes you problems in contested family matters.

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