Divorce Mediation

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What is divorce mediation?


I’ve been asked about divorce mediation and whether that’s a requirement in Oklahoma and what that process involves. Divorce mediation is a process where a neutral third-party mediator will oversee the parties and their attorneys at a mediation. Both parties get to air their position as to the issues at hand, whether there’s custody issues, debt and asset division, or support alimony as an issue. Both parties will get to discuss those, and present their issues to the mediator.Divorce MediationThe mediator will then attempt to reach a mutually agreeable and satisfactory resolution for the parties and their counsel. It is generally required in the state of Oklahoma that the parties attend a mediation prior to the court setting a trial date, the idea being that if the parties can reach an agreement where they both are satisfied with what they’re receiving and what their obligations are, it is better for everyone. You need to contact an experienced divorce attorney to discuss any other concerns you may have about whether mediation will be an appropriate measure for you.

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