How Long Does a Divorce Take?

Wondering how long it takes to complete the divorce process? Read this article by our attorney as he answers the question, “how long does a divorce take?” 


How long does a divorce take?


The other day I was meeting with a client regarding a perspective divorce. Their question, which comes up frequently, was, how long will this take? In the state of Oklahoma it could be done in approximately a month’s time or less if it’s an agreed matter where both parties are in full agreement as to all issues.How Long Does a Divorce Take?If it’s a contested matter where there’s either substantial assets and debts of the marriage or there are children, it could potentially take up to a year or even longer. In this, case it’s something that you want to assess with a competent divorce attorney. Once you assess that with them, they can provide you a more tailored timetable for your specific case.

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