Grounds For Divorce

Considering splitting from your spouse and have questions about what qualifies as grounds for divorce in Oklahoma? Watch this video to learn what you need to know.

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What are the grounds for divorce in Oklahoma?


The other day, I received a phone call regarding a divorce consultation in which the client was very concerned that their spouse had been cheating on them. In the state of Oklahoma, adultery, no matter how significant to the individual, which we understand it very much is, it is not a substantial grounds for divorce. The state is generally a no-fault state, which involved incompatibility arising from irreconcilable differences as the grounds for the divorce that will be filed.Grounds For Divorce in OklahomaThe fact that adultery has been committed, as significant and traumatic as that can be to the spouse that is on the receiving end of that adultery, is not a factor in the course of decisions regarding custody, child support, or visitation provided that there are some extenuating circumstances if the child was exposed to any of that. Otherwise, it is a no-fault state, which means the case will be filed as incompatibility arising from irreconcilable differences. There are fault bases available, but those are extenuating circumstances that will have to be discussed on a case-by-case basis, which can be done during a detailed consultation with our office.

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