No Fault Divorce

If you are considering divorce, a no fault divorce puts no blame on either party. Read this article to learn if this option is right for your situation. Read Our FREE Divorce Guide


What is a no fault divorce?


I’m frequently asked about what is important in an uncontested divorce. It’s important to know that it is the cheapest, quickest, and easiest way to get through the divorce process and that would be because both parties know what they’re getting. They’re in agreement as to all issues that are involved in a divorce process. It’s going to depend on whether there are children involved.No Fault DivorceDo the parties have an agreement as to how they’re going to divide custody, visitation, and whether child support will be ordered, and in what amount? Furthermore, if there are debts and assets that have been acquired during the marriage, have they agreed to how they will be divided? Who will take what property with what debt? If those are all agreed to, it makes the process much more streamlined because a judge is not dealing out who is taking what asset, who is taking what debt, who is getting the children for custody, and who is getting what visitation. In addition, if there are support alimony requests, that could be divided either by a judge or through an agreement. If all issues are agreed to in the divorce process, it will be a much quicker, easier, and predictable process.

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